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Published: Sept. 4, 2017, 2:58 p.m.
Updated: Sept. 4, 2017, 2:58 p.m.

Texas Business Disaster Recovery Information


Our state and our colleagues in several regions have been heavily impacted by recent weather events.  In response TAB/TCCE have partnered to develop a Business Recovery Team.  The BRT, a "Chamber Strike Team" if you will, is made up of business leaders and chamber professionals, that are mobilizing to provide the response and comprehensive effort necessary as a business community to assist our colleagues and the businesses they serve in recovery and rebuilding.  

There are certainly immediate needs.  These are in many cases urgent, however, this is not our expertise and the team will facilitate the work of experts in this area to the extent possible.  Our expertise is in and our focus will remain on serving and equipping businesses and communities to be their best.  It is critical for us to keep in mind that there is much to be done after the initial assessments and clean-up to assist business.  This is a marathon, not a sprint.  

Essentially our roles will be as follows:

TAB will remain focused on business recovery and serve as the statewide coordinator/facilitator of recovery efforts and coordinator of opportunities for the Texas business community.  TAB will focus on government relations and coordination efforts.  TAB leadership will be working with state and federal agencies to ensure business impact is minimized.  They will be working on everything from sales tax and state reporting issues to bolstering efforts of/coordination with SBA, EDA, DOL and others to ensure that our business members can focus on first things first.  TAB will serve as the central repository of information and inquiries.

TCCE/Chambers will activate the network to disseminate information, connect businesses with services, materials, and assistance necessary for rebuilding.  Through the network we will receive damage reports, assessments of needs and other vital information from impacted communities as they relate to business.  Chambers will also assist with chamber to chamber rebuilding efforts.  


1. Pray for the continued safety and strength of our colleagues and communities around the state.

2. Start the connections.   TAB and the Business Response Team has developed a Business Resource Center to serve as a B2B matchmaking service allowing those in impacted areas to share needs for their business.  This might include cleaning/restoration, contracting services, equipment/technology, furniture or other business necessities.  We understand that recovery is a process and these needs will change over time.  Please register needs by CLICKING HERE or calling 512-637-7714.  

Encourage your members to logon and register services, products, etc. they can offer to assist.  They can use the same website and phone number as above. Requests will be gathered and matched.  

Following are a couple of examples/verbiage for outreach:

Plano CoC Message To Members

Rockport-Fulton Message to Members

3. Stay tuned.  We are quickly finalizing additional outreach strategies and will share them ASAP.

The "Texas Miracle" is still alive and well and an integral part of that miracle is chambers and the businesses we serve.  Now is our moment to band together as the chamber family we are and show our state and our nation how we take care of one another.    

For more details/information, please feel free to contact me acox@txbiz.org or 512-637-7711.  



Aaron Cox 

VP Member Services/Chamber Relations (TAB)/TCCE

1209 Nueces St

Austin TX, 78701