Congratulations Longview!  All three bond propositions passed!  Longview will move forward in improving safety, infrastructure and parks to create an even more livable city that attracts and retains businesses and talent.  What a great time to live in Longview!

Longview has an important election on the bond package on November 6, 2018.  The Longview Chamber of Commerce strives to provide the community with factual and accurate information. That is why we created a special weekly series of E2E with the purpose of getting the facts out on the upcoming city bond election, clarifying the "why" this is important and to dispel the rhetoric.

2018 City Bond: Part 1 - Ed Moore

2018 City Bond: Part 2 - Ed Moore

2018 City Bond: Part 3 - Board Chairman
 Richard Manley, Kristen Ishihara, and Gary Ford

2018 City Bond: Part 3 - Board Chairman
Richard Manley, Kristen Ishihara, and Gary Ford