Today's schools are faced with a plethora of challenges from making sure students are fed when they are not on campus, to safety and health concerns and to kids having kids. Creating an environment for students to be successful begins by discovering, understanding, and knowing their critical needs.   Based on those critical needs, pathways must be determined to ensure students have the skills necessary to succeed.  Solving this complex situation will require convening key stakeholders, creating strategies, leveraging resources, and activating the community.  In short:  a multi-pronged partnership is necessary.

Rezilient Kidz™

Rezilient Kidz™, is a 501 c3 organization that has
developed a 13-week parent program to help parents
raise healthy, 
caring, and responsible children. Parents
listen to presentations, 
hold discussions, and engage in
activities to help them apply what 
they learn in
their own homes.

P.I.E. Conference

The Partners in Education (P.I.E.) Conference kicks
off PIE planning for the new school year.  Schools
and their PIE partners will attend this event for valuable
training offered in an afternoon workshop. They also work on
creating a plan for the year by establishing 
mutually desirable goals to benefit students.

Launch My Career TX

It can be hard for students to know which colleges
and majors might be right for them and their goals.
Launch My Career TX helps students select a college
degree program that best prepares them for the
career and life they want. 

Every Child Has Access

True transformation in our education system
begins with understanding, and understanding comes
 from knowing the needs of our student population.
The Chamber has created an initiative, Every Child Has
 Access, to bring those partnerships together in order to
 meet those individually identified needs.

For more information or questions, contact Misty Amaya at or (903) 237-4041.