How to Use LaunchMyCareerTX

What program and what college your students choose can dramatically affect their career and life outcomes.  LaunchMyCareerTX helps prospective students find programs with high returns on their investment (ROI) of time, money, and energy. ROI encompasses both earnings and the personal and professional satisfaction and fulfillment that may result from their choices.

There are four different paths through LaunchMyCareerTX:

1. Occupation/Job search: users who know what job they want can browse the majors that often lead to that job and then select an institution offering that major;

2. Institution search: users who already selected an institution can browse majors offered there;

3. Major search: users who already selected a major can browse institutions that offer it;

4. Industry search: users who know what industry they want to work in can browse the jobs available in that industry and then select a related major and institution.

Students can explore programs at all undergraduate levels, from certificates to associate’s and through bachelor’s degrees, to help them understand the different investment of time and money each level requires, as well as the different benefits that flow from those choices. This should help students judge which program makes the most sense for them.

Students can save combinations of majors and institutions by clicking on “Add to Favorites” to create a customized Comparison Report of different options that appeal to them. To do so, students can save different combinations of programs and institutions, and choose “Compare Your Favorites” at the top of the page.

The Comparison Report presents relevant information about the expected gain in earnings associated with each program tagged as “favorites,” the years it will take for them to “launch”, and information that can help the student judge the likelihood of being admitted. Displaying these outcomes side-by-side allows prospective students to consider their options easily and inform their decisions about which program aligns best with their goals.