If your interests include education, networking and community service, these programs provide an exceptional way to learn about the Pineywoods region, make connections, and further one’s participation in making our area a great place to live.

Leadership Longview
Leadership Longview is a 9-month program that provides participants the opportunity to better understand our community by meeting with and learning from today’s community leaders. Applications are available the first of June for the class that begins in mid-August. Covering one topic a month, which includes Education, Growth and Preservation, Economic Development and Workforce Development, Public Safety, Diversity, Government, Arts and Quality of Life, Media, Health and Human Services, and Leadership Development, the class celebrates their educational experience and newly developed friendships with a graduation in May.

Leadership Alumni
Graduates of Leadership Longview strive to have their members remain engaged in the program and the community.  Special events are held throughout the year specifically designed as social events and there are also tours arranged at points of interest in the community.

Among the Alumni Program offerings are:

  • Leadership Training Alumni
  • “Behind the Scenes” tours
  • Social activities

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Leadership Longview Youth
The Longview Chamber introduced the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA) in 2013. The program is an educational program that provides a rare opportunity ages 12-19.  Currently, the YEA program partners with Pine Tree ISD to provide classroom learning on how to start and open a business. Students enrolled in the program interact with business and community leaders; create a business plan, learn about budgeting, hiring, and taking a product/service to market. Throughout the program, students will participate in interactive exercises providing real life hands on experience. The program will motivate the students to think seriously about their future, what type of post-secondary education will be needed to reach personal and professional goals, as well as the difference they can make in the Longview community.  One of the chamber’s goals is to develop partnerships with all the schools (public & private) to deliver this quality program.

Business Development Courses
Take advantage of the chamber’s lunch and learn training programs.  Four programs are provided annually on general topics that …..