The Longview Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors began leading Inter City Visits in 2012. The purpose of an Inter City Visit is to provide  business and community leaders the opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities our community is facing. The visit also provides an opportunity for interaction among city leaders and facilitates an exchange of best practices and lessons learned.  

Why an Inter City Visit? The visit is designed to get new ideas.  It will provide an opportunity to introduce our delegation to innovative programs and impactful projects that may be adapted and implemented in our community. Candid speakers will alert our delegation to the challenges and pitfalls with which they are currently struggling.  

What happens on an InterCity Visit? Participants will be able to focus on best practices and experience true peer-to-peer learning. The networking and relationship building through shared experiences will help our leadership move forward on building a common foundation of understanding.  Delegates will become a more cohesive team working to solve problems on behalf of our community. 

Presenting Sponsor:
Why Little Rock, Arkansas?  The 2019 InterCity visit is slated for Little Rock, Arkansas, just a short drive away from Longview!  Like Longview, Little Rock also had a good foundation to build on as a result of a strong community and business leadership. They have done an excellent job on focusing on amenities, housing, education, healthcare, social and civic capital, transportation, and redevelopment of their downtown!  Little Rock knows how to tell their story!  They focus on how far the dollar can go, great commute times, excellent weather, and picturesque outdoors (hmm...sounds familiar!). Their success is recognized by entities such as and Best Places for Businesses and Careers, Best Employers List, as well as Forbes' 30 Under 30 List.  Click here to register to Create Change for Longview!