The 2019 Total Resource Campaign Kick Off is September 10.  The Campaign will run until November 6.

The Total Resource Campaign (TRC) is a volunteer driven effort to create marketing and strategic partnerships with members.  During this time, over 80 volunteers reach out to many of the 1,100 plus Longview Chamber members to help them determine how to effectively use marketing dollars to support the programs of the chamber that support their business interests. The dollars secured during the TRC are used to support the strategic plan of the Longview Chamber of Commerce through its advocacy and programming efforts.

Without these dollars, representation at the state and national level with the area’s legislators would not be possible.  The dollars also allow the Chamber to provide quality training programs in Longview for its members so travel is not required by the member.   

If you interested in volunteering or supporting this year’s TRC, please contact Stephanie Raudales

If you are interested in seeing possible sponsorship opportunities, please visit the 2018 webpage for TRC.